Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a holistic terminology used to describe all the marketing and promotional activities of any organization on the digital platform which include the internet and the mobile platform. Since the Digital world has an overflow of information and thus it is important to strategize and plan the digital presence efficiently and effectively. Some of the techniques which gains importance in the digital market include Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Media Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, among others.

Query Care Infotech is an organization which is both experienced and qualified to manage the whole basket of services which falls under the ambit of Digital Marketing. How we strategize your digital marketing campaign would let you have an idea of our proficiency in handling the finer aspects of digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Strategies:

Our digital marketing strategies involve a detailed and systematic step by step approach to handle all the aspects of digital marketing. Following is merely an overview of what we do broadly, though a lot of effort is put in by our team to customize the digital marketing strategies for your company and its product/service offerings. Step by Step approach followed in our Digital Marketing Strategy involves the following:

Our approach to Content Writing

Project Kick-Off Stage

At this stage, our team will interact with you in order to identify your specific business goals, your brand objectives, and review any materials provide by you that will help us plan and design your marketing strategy. After that, the professional team of Query Care Infotech will create a project brief including a timeline for all the deliverables which would be sent toyou.

Research & Analysis Stage

As the team of professionals at Query Care Infotech, begins to learn more about your business while interacting with you, we will also conduct a thorough market research simultaneously to get an understanding of the market for your products/services. This would also incorporate an in-depth audit of your industry landscape in order to identify typical cultural trends of the industry. This particular stage is important to precisely define your target customer and determine and developing the value propositions that will make your brand gain the competitive edge in the dynamic competitive market

Engagement Plan Stage

At this stage, we start laying the foundation for all our future efforts in lieu of the marketing plan developed in tandem. We start with designing and developing the message which would properly communicate the voice of your brand. Thereafter, our team determines the specific channels that will help to maximize the reach of your target audience. Our team would also define the Key Performance Indices that will help us track and measure the results of your marketing campaigns.

Creative Concept Development Stage

This is the stage where the message and the branding created in the earlier steps would be given a body of communication such that it would be understood by your target audience. At this stage, our team would involve in developing and designing all the creative assets required for making the marketing campaign a huge success. This would include the preparation of all forms of communication materials such as print materials, website contents, blogs, and all other unique sales collaterals required for each digital marketing channel individually. At this stage we attempt to create a cohesive concept to unify all your marketing campaigns across multiple outlets and channels.

Activation Plan Stage

After the initial marketing strategy is in place, we will create an activation plan which would lay out the steps to execute your planned marketing campaign. At this stage, we would work together in order to allocate an appropriate  budget for each marketing channel, develop an efficient media plan, and finally establishing an execution timeline to manage the deliverables of the entire campaign

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