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A Missed Call is nothing short of a Missed Opportunity – an opportunity to connect with a new client who might have been enquiring about your services and offerings; an opportunity to connect with a prospective employee who can bring in new insight and new ideas into your organization; an opportunity to reconnect with your existing clients who might require your services further; an opportunity to reconnect with your vendors who might have solutions to your existing problems. Thus, in short, a missed call can mean missed business revenues for your organization.
But how exactly can such a situation be averted. Most people (almost ninety percent callers according to a study) hang up the call upon hearing a voicemail. And most of such missed call definitely means missed business opportunities and missed revenues. In such a context you definitely require Query Care Infotech’s Answering Services.
Query Care Infotech’s Answering Services provide services such as Call Answering Services, Inbound Support Services, and Agent Assisted IVR Support Services to organizations like yours situated across the world. With Query Care Infotech’s Answering Services, you can be rest assured not to miss another call. Query Care Infotech strives to combine the latest advanced technologies in the market with the most acceptable customer service standards in the industry in order to generate the maximum customer satisfaction. Query Care Infotech’s CRM strategies are further customized in order to suit your business needs and values.

Why use Answering Service?

Query Care Infotechprovides such Inbound answering services for all your business verticals and customize such services according to your requirements. Some of the salient features of Query Care Infotech’s Answering Services include:
• Call Handling in an average of 1.43 rings
• Up time of almost 99.5 percent in order to provide uninterrupted services to your clients
• Customized CRM Solutions for your business specific needs
• Strict adherence to CTQ parameters
• Professional Services imparted by well trained professionals
• Average score of 4.5 out of 5 in CSI
QUERY CARE INFOTECH’s Enquiry Handling Services
Query Care Infotechalso offers its unique Enquiry Handling Services to its esteemed client base. Query Care Infotech’s Enquiry handling Services strives to handle and manage all the enquiries about your products and services from your potential customers. Such speedy enquiry handling on your behalf helps create a positive brand image for your organization and your brand. Such speedy enquire handling services by QUERY CARE INFOTECH’s well trained professional executives who lucidly handle all queries of your customers, further eases your
sales process. Query Care Infotechhandles such customer enquiries through any mode, including chat, calls, and emails.
With Query Care Infotech’s Answering and Enquiry Handling Services, never miss out on calls and business opportunities again. Contact us at to know more about our comprehensive services at cost effective rates.

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